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sts an▓d experts predicted that the Chinese monetary policy might have a tight bias this year, influenced by the world's major central banks that might gradually withdraw the abnormal monetary easing since the global financial crisis as the global economy shows signs of recovery.Wei Jian

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predicted another two or three inte▓rest rate hikes this year, will bring challenges fo▓r Chinese policymakers.It might result in certain floating losses of overseas assets held by the Chinese government, as Chin▓a holds a large amount of US Treasury bonds and th▓e interest rate hikes will reduce the bonds' price, according to Wei."The Fed's interest rate hikes will add more pre▓ssure on China as cross-border capital outflows may accelerate, and it would become more di▓fficult to maintain relatively balanced capital flows," said Wei.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on In▓stagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us▓ on WechatB

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t is cooling down as the number of▓ people who signed contracts to buy ▓used homes declined.In the third quarter of this year, the figure has fallen to the lowest it's been in the past 10 quarter▓s, and average price of the used home also has decreased for▓ the first time from 2015, according a report published by a real est

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ate agency 5i5j.Up to Sept 23, people who live in Beijing▓ signed 2

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